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Welcome to EirPax Psychiatry, PLLC

Personalized psychiatric help you deserve from someone who cares to listen and listens to care. 

Reperio statera; Inventum pax...

Finding balance; Discovering peace.

Semper in statera, et pax...

Always balance and peace...

William F. Wright, MD FAPA

Double Board-Certified: General Adult and Addiction Psychiatry

Come...Discover the possibilities when someone really listens and cares. Come...Find your peace.  Discover EirPax Psychiatry.

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I'm a double-board certified general and addiction psychiatrist who was born and raised here in the Carolina's Piedmont. In 2016, I returned home to practice psychiatric medicine to those living in North Carolina. 

I specialize in using evidence-based treatments individualized to your specific needs and situation. 

At EirPax Psychiatry, you will be instrumental in actively discovering peace and finding balance.

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"You've helped me come so far. I have never had a psychiatrist, much less a doc, care the way you do." - M.R.


Contact EirPax Psychiatry

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Mailing Address: 1736 Dickerson Blvd, Ste 196

Monroe, NC 28110 

Tel: 1-804-50-LIBRA (1-804-505-4272)

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